Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad Lure

Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad lure

Posted at February 13, 2016

Cast out a Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad Lure and watch the swimming action at slow to very fast retrieve rates you’ll be amazed. This extra-loud, shallow-running... Read More

tonic polarized fishing sunglasses

Tonic polarized shades

Posted at January 30, 2016

Tonic create a lens that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lens with an anti-reflective film, the wearer will enjoy true eye... Read More

squid fishing

Inker Fishing Techniques

Posted at January 30, 2016

Squid or inker are attracted to light. Whether you take advantage of the light sources on docks, or you create your own light source, this... Read More


Venom Lures – Deep Eye Spinner Lure

Posted at January 28, 2016

Venom Lures newest Deep Eye spinner lure offering are exactly what the discerning walleye and musky anglers are waiting for. Featuring Venom Lures hidden head design, our skirts are... Read More


Jackall Pompadour surface lure

Posted at January 15, 2016

Jackall Pompadour noisy surface crawler lure. The fizz, rattle and wing slap really brings up the Cod. Would also be good on any predator... Read More


Automatic Fishing Rod Holder with Tip-Up Hook Setter

Posted at December 27, 2015

Fishing rod holder with spring loaded tip-up action sets your hook automatically.... Read More


Teenager takes dip in croc waters to reach top fishing spot

Posted at December 26, 2015

A 19-YEAR-OLD man is lucky to be enjoying the festive season after he put his life in danger by taking a dip in croc-infested... Read More


SCARY SCENES: The mass mortality of fish in Indonesia

Posted at December 19, 2015

JAKARTA – After the big storm that hit Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, on the lake Sitra there was a massive fish mortality. The beaches around... Read More

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Posted at November 27, 2015

Penn Battle II spinning reels have Penn’s HT-100 Versa-Drag washers keyed into the spool which allows both sides of each drag washer to be... Read More


Artificial Lures vs Live Bait

Posted at November 1, 2015

Which is better Live Bait vs. Artificial Lures? I have used both live bait and lures to catch many freshwater fish. A lot of Anglers ask... Read More

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