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Clean your fishing boat with Magic Eraser

Posted at July 7, 2015

Fishing boats get messy! That is only an unavoidable truth and as not out of the ordinary as we go starting with one angling destination... Read More

boat rump

Boat Ramp Tips

Posted at July 6, 2015

Boat ramp can be a highly stressful situation for some, especially beginners, with on-lookers watching your every move and feeling the need to not look... Read More


Fibreglass Evolution 552 Platinum Fishing Boat

Posted at June 28, 2015

Evolution Boats 552 Platinum – Winner Australia’s Greatest Fishing Boat 2011. The Evolution 552 Platinum is for anglers who demand a high–performance and versatile... Read More


That’s one hell of a boat ramp

Posted at June 12, 2015

This is Peterborough boat ramp near the 12 apostles. Don’t think I’ll be launching the boat here today. I’ve seen some funny shit over the years... Read More


Choose the Right Type of Fishing Kayak

Posted at May 3, 2015

There are many different types of fishing kayaks on the market, and first time buyers can have a hard time picking the right one.... Read More


What’s the best kayak for fly fishing

Posted at May 2, 2015

Fly fishing and kayak are not items that most fishermen will put together. How do you fly cast from a kayak? It’s hard enough... Read More