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Notorious blue bastard

Notorious blue bastard

Posted at September 8, 2015

Notorious blue bastard finally pinned down.They’ve finally got the bastard – the elusive “blue bastard” fish that is. Scientists at Queensland Museum have discovered... Read More

murray cod

Murray Cod freshwater monster

Posted at July 10, 2015

The Murray Cod is a sporting fish that is groper like in appearance and has a tremendous mouth. The Murray Cod Grows to 1.8 metres and... Read More


Fishing for Redfin

Posted at June 17, 2015

Redfin an introduced species of fish whose habitat was originally northern European waters. Most Australian fresh water seems to suit them admirably to a... Read More


Rainbow trout

Posted at June 7, 2015

The rainbow trout is a trout and species of salmonid native... Read More

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Australian Bass

Posted at April 8, 2015

Australian Bass are one of the most popular fish in the Australia. They are freshwater fish and found in lakes, ponds and coastal rivers.... Read More


Leaping bonito

Posted at April 3, 2015

Scientific name: Cybiosarda elegans Other names: Watson’s leaping bonito. Frequent misidentifications: other bonito, mackerel tuna. Leaping bonito Description: light blue-silver belly with several greyish stripes, deep blue back covered with elongated... Read More