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Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

Posted at November 27, 2015

Penn Battle II spinning reels have Penn’s HT-100 Versa-Drag washers keyed into the spool which allows both sides of each drag washer to be... Read More


Fishing Reel DAM Quick Super

Posted at October 2, 2015

Had one of these as a kid. This DAM Quick Super are made in West Berlin Germany.Good to have one in your collection. It... Read More


Fishing Reel Daiwa Basiair Z45QD

Posted at May 30, 2015

Daiwa development team in Japan pushed the boundaries of design and materials. The sublime and beautiful new Daiwa BASIAIR weighs only 445 grams and... Read More


Daiwa Saltist Nero Fishing Reel

Posted at April 4, 2015

If looks could kill… Observing the traditions and reputation of the acclaimed Saltist name, the new Daiwa Saltist Nero delivers a balance of performance,... Read More