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Rockhopper Boots for Rock Fishing

Posted at July 3, 2015

Rockhopper fishing boots have been designed to give you ultimate protection when rock fishing over the slippery terrain of the Australian coastline. The Rockhopper boots have... Read More


Rock Fishing Life Jacket Vest

Posted at June 19, 2015

Rock Fishing Australian most dangerous sports. Rock fishing has seen at least 68 deaths in the last five years in Australia with almost all victims... Read More


Where to Rock Fishing in Noosa

Posted at May 22, 2015

The Noosa National Park headland is the best rock hopping location in south east Queensland. At various times of the year it provides mackerel,... Read More


Safety rules of rock fishing

Posted at May 22, 2015

Rock fishing can produce some of the best catches and it’s an excellent sport for anglers of all types. The main issue with rock... Read More