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Jackall Pompadour surface lure

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jackall_pompadour_lure_FFDJackall Pompadour noisy surface crawler lure. The fizz, rattle and wing slap really brings up the Cod. Would also be good on any predator such as Bass, Toga, Sootie, Barra etc. Here’s something for the night fishers using Pompadours. The new colour has a glow back so you can light it up and see it out there in the dark. It also has a glow belly so you can light it up for the fish to see from underneath.


Jackall Pompadour surface lure come in five colors: Blackbone, Dokugaeru, Junglebone, Tonosamagaeru, Kawashima Kawasemi.


Jackall Pompadour surface lures are widely available on eBay

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