Greedy Buggers: fishers fined $9000 for exceeding limits

Posted at March 28, 2015

Three Gold Coast fishers have learned an expensive lesson after receiving fines totalling $9000 for exceeding recreational fishing possession limits. Queensland Boating and Fisheries... Read More

fishing rules

Fishing by the rules in Australia

Posted at March 22, 2015

It’s important to know the rules that apply to fishing. These include fishing fishing license, bag limits and minimum size for different types of... Read More


Understanding Tides

Posted at March 22, 2015

Understanding High and Low Tides The movements and feeding behaviour of many species of fish are strongly influenced by the rise and fall of... Read More

Port Phillip Bay - Map

Let’s Go Fishing Around Port Phillip Bay

Posted at March 22, 2015

Popular Fishin Species Around Port Phillip Bay Australian salmon Peak season: March – September Technique: Baitfishing using a paternoster rig, or actively casting with... Read More


Inked by squid

Posted at March 21, 2015

Anne McKinlay after being “inked” while squid fishing off Port Hughes, South Australia.... Read More

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