Fishing Reel DAM Quick Super

Posted at October 2, 2015

Had one of these as a kid. This DAM Quick Super are made in West Berlin Germany.Good to have one in your collection. It... Read More


Fishing Portable Solar Panels

Posted at September 27, 2015

Even though no solar chargers come close to their claimed performance levels, the model will do the job for most people looking to boost... Read More


Salmon on the Plane

Posted at September 26, 2015

This pics of the Salmon on the Plane is cool.... Read More



Posted at September 26, 2015

This DELTA DUNARII reel was built around 1964 and up, by Inox Factory -Bucharest. The reel comes in 2 models. This reel looks to be a... Read More

fishing rod

Custom Fishing Rods

Posted at September 26, 2015

Get a better catch with a custom fishing rod.... Read More


Ouch: When Fishing goes wrong

Posted at September 26, 2015

Like many outdoor activity , fishing can, at times, be a very dangerous. It happens to the best of us.... Read More


Prawns make an amazing fishing bait

Posted at September 26, 2015

All anglers spend their lives searching for that special bait; that pheromone of fish attractant that will make giant carp, pike and bream hurl... Read More


Real Fisherman Cars

Posted at September 26, 2015

See the cars real fishermen drive... Read More

Notorious blue bastard

Notorious blue bastard

Posted at September 8, 2015

Notorious blue bastard finally pinned down.They’ve finally got the bastard – the elusive “blue bastard” fish that is. Scientists at Queensland Museum have discovered... Read More


April Fools: Fish Fingers – Have you tried one?

Posted at August 28, 2015

April Fools: Fish Fingers. Fish Fingers are MOEFs new pioneering and innovative product idea. Using deep perspective, we make it possible for anglers to appear... Read More

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