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Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad lure

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Cast out a Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad Lure and watch the swimming action at slow to very fast retrieve rates you’ll be amazed. This extra-loud, shallow-running crankbait is equipped with two full-size treble hooks for sure hookups.

Rapala Rattlin Red Crawdad Lure

Sound heightens curiosity in fish and triggers investigation. Rapala Rattlin lures actually have sound frequencies that are harmonic, uniform, and “in tune” with nature. This secret of sound combined with the legendary Rapala “wobble” is what make this lure so effective.

Rapala Rattlin Lure for long-casting, lipless design makes this lure viable anywhere you can fish. Rip it fast or run it slow — either way, it sounds like the dinner bell to fish. Features premium VMC black nickel hooks. Each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested for ultimate performance right out of the box. This little lure works very well. This is a nice crankbait. You can use it on casting or slow trilling. Small rattlin’ rapala used to catch bass – it’s a great item versus a standard lure to make fishing a little more interesting. For beginning fishers, remember that this lure requires continuous casting/reeling, as opposed to just letting it sit in the water.:)

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